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Sundowners, Key Largo, With a Toddler: Restaurant Review

My husband, my three-year-old daughter, and I were in Key Largo visiting my in-laws, when my father-in-law suggested we go to a new restaurant where he and his wife had dined recently.

I thought, YES! I can take a few pics for a quick review on my blog.

My previous blog posts included beautiful photos of mostly uneaten food because these were times that my husband and I had gone on date nights. But this time, I had a very different experience.

My daughter is on a nap strike (or is perhaps weaning herself off of naps altogether) at the moment, and she will fight sleep like it’s her arch nemesis, so her mood during our meal changed from moment-to-moment and fluctuated quite drastically.
I’ll be including a description of my toddler’s mood at each stage of the meal, and, as an extra bonus, an actual pic of my little munchkin at the very end.

We arrived at Sundowners and the sign immediately stood out to me. It shows sun setting into a calm, blue ocean with the sea life represented by a lar…

Groupon Getaway: The Pit Stop

After our two-hour spa retreat and lunch in Coral Springs, and our stay at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale, we head back to Miami. But before picking up our toddler from grandma and grandpa’s house, we decide to make a quick stop for a snack at Honeybee Doughnuts.
There was a line, so I read the menu patiently and tried not to drool.

It’s almost my turn and I notice that they have two Fruity Pebbles doughnuts left, and I intend on ordering one, but the family ahead of me, takes both of them.

So I decide to look away while they are ordering, because my heart just can’t handle another doughnut disappointment.
It’s my turn to order and I suddenly have stage fright.
“Hi. What can I get you,” says the polite young man across the display case.
I look at him wide-eyed and say, “I want to get three doughnuts. Do you recommend any?”
He looks at the selection they have and says, “Raspberry coulis, for sure. The Honey Caramel and Nutella are good too.”
I nod, “I’ll take’em.”

Aren’t they just the most…

Groupon Getaway: The Hotel

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After our two-hour spa retreat and our delicious lunch, we drive to the hotel.
We already had our Groupon to stay for one night.* 
We arrive at the Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and the valet, Kathy, let’s us know that parking is available as valet only and costs $39 plus tax per night, but that we can go in and out as we please(The cost of parking was mentioned in the e-mail when we booked the hotel, but who reads emails anymore?). We give Kathy our car, and head for the lobby.

It’s not a huge lobby, but it looks clean and smells fancy. We wait for our turn to check in. The pleasant woman checking us in at the front desk explains that our room isn’t ready yet, but that she’s upgrading us two tiers — to a suite. My husband and I smile at one another.
We’re even more pleased when she hands us a voucher for two free drinks at the bar inside the restaurant of the hotel.
Yay!! An upgrade and free booze?
My husband and I begin giggling like excited schoo…

Groupon Getaway: The Restaurant

After our relaxing 2-hour couple’s retreat, we had quite the appetite.

We didn’t get a Groupon for lunch, but we did get a Groupon for the hotel (which we planned to check-in to after our feast; link to the blog about the hotel coming soon).
As we were driving into the shopping center, we saw this place with colorful light arcs on the windows.
Just like the spa, the exterior of the restaurant was underwhelming, except for those fun-looking colorful light arcs.
Tijuana Taxi Co.? Is it a Mexican taxi company? No. It can’t be. So, I Googled it, and it was a restaurant!
Say what?!
I had to see what those arcs of lights were all about, so we walked over there.
“Hi. Welcome,” said a waiter that stood by a group patrons seated at a table on the patio.
We walked in, and a hostess greeted us, “Hi. Two?”
She grabbed a couple of menus and directed us to our table — a cute little booth made for two.
Looking around, I noticed that this was not the typical Mexican restaurant. It had so many vibrant…