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An Evening with Tea and Poets

Our three-year-old daughter fell asleep, and I told my husband I wanted to go somewhere relaxing, but new. He took on his best thinking posture - twirling his hair and whispering to himself - and said, “We could go to Tea and Poets. They have games there that we can play, and we can take our own games too.”
I liked the idea! We grabbed our favorite easily transportable games and loaded into the car.
It was raining the entire way to our favorite outdoor mall, Sunset Place, and when we arrived, we were glad to be parking in a parking structure where we wouldn't get wet.
We made our way to Tea and Poets.

When we walked in, we were immediately drawn to the sunglasses. We started trying them on, when we heard a voice from behind us say, “Hi. Welcome to Tea and Poets.”
We turned around, and found a friendly, smiling face, “If you need anything, my name is Bianca.”
We thanked her and proceeded to try on basically every pair of sunglasses they had on display.
We finally walked to the counter…